​Art ​​​​Education

Our principal goals are to:

(1) Fund significant educational programs in the visual arts, arts and crafts, and art history preservation efforts;

(2) Provide funding to K-12 and higher educational institutions for the development and support of the arts, scholarships, and effective instructional programs;

(3) Encourage programs which show promise of developing the children and youth of this country into moral, productive, and humane citizens and committed family members;

(4) And to fund other such programs as the Board may direct, in their discretion, which serve the established charitable purposes of the Foundation.

The board prefers program support over capital funds. No grants are made for undesignated annual fund gifts, debt retirement, group travel for performance or competition, completed projects, private religious schools or to individuals. The foundation only awards grants to non-profit organizations. The board prefers projects of its own initiative, rather than funding unsolicited grants. Priority will also be given to matching fund requests.

Though there are no specific geographic limitations in grant applications, the Board prefers organizations whose project activities are conducted within the United States. Unsolicited requests for projects outside of the United States are not considered for funding. The board also looks to other funding sources to meet community-based needs in Northwest Arkansas.  While the foundation will consider multi-year grant support, the project should not rely upon foundation grant for continuation. The project should either conclude at the end of the grant period or show a reasonable plan for moving to self-sufficiency.

Penland school of crafts, residency program

​​​supporting creativity and the arts

Visual Arts Programs

OUR HOUSE children's center, LITTLE ROCK, AR

Louisiana A+ Schools Program, George Rodrigue foundation

 Children  & Youth