March 18, 2020

Dear Windgate Friends,

We want to let you know our current response to COVID-19. While we continue to monitor developments and implement modifications, at this time we expect no changes to our normal procedures, other than email or phone conversations in lieu of in-person meetings.

We are sensitive to the difficult decisions and adjustments many of you are making and realize countless project and program schedules have been affected, as well as in some cases, complete closures. For current grant recipients, the following is immediately effective:

  • All currently scheduled grant payments will be processed normally, and you will receive notification when funds have been initiated. 
  • There is no need to formally request a grant extension if programs or projects are delayed due to COVID-19 restrictions. We do ask that you let us know an updated timeline, once things get back on track, so that we may make adjustments to our records. 
  • Grant reporting requirements have been suspended.
  • If you are a current or recent (last 2 years) Windgate grantee and are experiencing significant financial issues due to COVID-19, please contact us if you wish to discuss options. We will be considering assistance grants on a continuous basis.      

Our upcoming Board meetings will continue normally, with no regular grant application timeline changes at this time. We encourage you to visit our website for updates before submitting your next online request.

We appreciate the essential work you do and are aware of the uncertain future you may face in the coming days and months. Please remain in contact with us as we navigate these rapidly shifting times together. 

Be well,

Windgate Foundation