• ​​Craft school programming and scholarships
  • Craft museum or craft/visual arts organization educational outreach and programming
  • Craft or visual arts-related internships, fellowships or residencies
  • Programs providing support for visual arts/craft artists
  • Craft or visual arts organization materials, tools or equipment

  • Support for basic needs such as housing, clothing, food
  • Support for children and youth impacted by homelessness
  • Programs addressing poverty and its impact on children and youth
  • Art-integrated instructional programs to develop creative, innovative ways of thinking, learning and demonstrating knowledge
  • Art-related training or professional development programs for teachers
  • In-school, art education programs for underserved populations
  • Support of visual arts programming
  • Materials, tools or equipment for visual arts
  • Art-integrated instructional programming
  • Art-related scholarships

Higher education institution support for visual arts and scholarships

Supporting contemporary craft & visual arts since 1993, Windgate Foundation provides grants in the following areas:

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Programs for ECONOMICALLY OR SOCIALLY disadvantaged children in the state of Arkansas 

Other programs as the Board may direct, in their discretion, which serve the charitable purposes of the Foundation

​"Tipping" Rule for Nonprofits

Significant educational programs in contemporary craft and visual arts

Programs providing visual arts, art education, or effective instructional support to K-12 schools

When a public charity receives a large grant from a single private source – such as an individual, business or private foundation (i.e., Windgate Foundation) – and not from public charities or government, a large grant could bring your public support calculation below the required minimum and “tip” the organization out of public charity status with the IRS. 


   The foundation only awards grants to non-profit public charities in the United States. The Board prefers projects of its own initiative, rather than         funding unsolicited grants. Matching or challenge fund requests are considered favorably. In general, the Board prefers program support over           capital funds. 

   Requests should not be made for:​

  • debt retirement
  • group travel for performance or competition
  • completed projects
  • unsolicited exhibitions, acquisitions or public art installations​
  • private schools​
  • ​unsolicited performing arts, conferences or festivals

   While the foundation will consider multi-year grant support, the project should not solely rely upon Windgate grants for continuation. The project     should either conclude at the end of the grant period or show a reasonable plan for moving to self-sufficiency.